The Hoosier economy can no longer be just a talking point in the current administration’s political playbook. Those serious about truly changing Indiana for the better must understand the important balance needed to take our state’s current reality to a vision upon which high-wage, high-skill jobs; a prosperous middle class, access to education and a great quality of life in our communities can be found.

The 2nd District Democrats Committee is committed to ensuring families do not just make ends meet, but are able to thrive and make strong contributions to the Hoosier economy. Unemployment rates don’t tell the full tale of the Hoosier economy because not all jobs are created equal. Each requires its own unique set of skills that can only happen through targeted and ongoing investment in education, training and a balanced tax environment. What’s more, our economic approach must be one with a long-term goal in mind of attracting and retaining the very best the American workforce has to offer.